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A Girl's Guide to Best Friends and Mean Girls

A Girl's Guide to Best Friends and Mean Girls

Dannah Gresh , Suzy Weibel
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Friends can make or break the life of a tween girl. That’s why bestselling author Dannah Gresh, popular speaker and creator of the Secret Keeper Girl events, and youth educator Suzy Weibel have developed this resource that targets the hearts of tween girls as they grow in and pursue friendships.

A Girl's Guide to Best Friends and Mean Girls springs from the life and example of Jesus, a tween girl’s true BFF. It helps her explore questions such as

  • Who should I choose for friends?
  • How can I keep my friends?
  • How can my parents help me?
  • What do I do about jealousy and hurts in my friendships?
  • How can I be Jesus’ friend, and how do I introduce others to him?

Christian moms and dads will be delighted with the biblical grounding and godly guidance that will help protect their daughters in friendships and help them understand what friendship really is.


ISBN: 9780736955324
Harvest House Publishers
EAN: 9780736955324
Digital delivered electronically
File size: 2.6MB
Release Date: 01.08.2013
Language: English

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