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A Girl's Guide to Understanding Boys

A Girl's Guide to Understanding Boys

Dannah Gresh , Suzy Weibel
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Peer pressure and relationships with boys are scary topics in mother-daughter relationships. That’s why Dannah Gresh, creator of the Secret Keeper Girl events, and Suzy Weibel have developed this resource for tween girls like yours…during those wonderful but scary years when they start thinking about boys differently and encounter our culture’s destructive messages.

With stories and examples your daughter can relate to, the book takes her to the Bible as her resource, helping her meditate on its message and have fun while she does it. She’ll explore questions like

  • How come God made girls so that they like boys?
  • Why are all my friends boy-crazy? Should I be?
  • How can I stand out from others and be pure without losing my friends?

You’ll love the biblical grounding and solid guidance that will help you with mother-daughter issues over boys—and help your daughter gain a foundation for godly relationships with young men.

The Girl’s Guide books in the Secret Keeper Girl Series have been created for tween girls to help them explore topics important to them and give them the opportunity to travel deeper into “God’s diary”—the Bible—for truth and instruction. The front half of each book contains chapters written just for tweens, and the second half is an accompanying Bible study.


ISBN: 9780736955379
Harvest House Publishers
EAN: 9780736955379
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Release Date: 01.03.2014
Language: English

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