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A Parent's Book of Prayers

A Parent's Book of Prayers

Day by Day Devotional

Tony Wood
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Author and songwriter Tony Wood has inspired millions with his thought-provoking words, encouraging others to strive for a deeper faith and prayer life. In this new title, AParents Book of Prayers, Tony provides parents with meaningful prayers to God for their children’s faith, struggles, direction and future.

This prayer book unveils the power of prayer to protect, nurture, and guide. It offers parents the comfort, reassurance, and wisdom of God's promises for them and their child's life and future.

Readers will find encouragement, hope, and the power of prayer for every day of the year. The attractive, padded hardcover makes this a perfect gift of inspiration for any occasion.


ISBN: 9781433683251
B&H Publishing
EAN: 9781433683251
Binding: eBook
File size: 2.4MB
Number of pages: 384
Release Date: 01.11.2014
Language: English


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