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Ballots and Blood

Ballots and Blood

A Novel

Ralph Reed
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"Ralph Reed is on his way to becoming the master of political thrillers." 
-Sean Hannity 

A powerful senator with major influence over U.S. foreign policy turns up dead in an apartment leased by a dominatrix service. Thus opens acclaimed conservative Ralph Reed’s sizzling Ballots and Blood, which delves into Washington's underbelly guided by the gimlet eye of a political insider. 

When the police obtain the service's client list, it is sure to spark a bigger scandal. An FBI investigator suspects the murder is not what it appears, but when he threatens to uncover a clandestine plan to overthrow the Iranian government, the White House intervenes. Congress debates military action against Iran while terrorists plot more attacks. 

All this takes place during a bitter and hard-fought midterm election as both parties jockey for advantage, and the evangelical right-led by a prominent religious broadcaster-and Tea Party activists flex their newfound muscle. With war about to reignite in the Persian Gulf, razor thin margins at the polls, and a Washington madam threatening to reveal her high-profile clientele, the only sure thing is the nation's great uncertainty.


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B&H Publishing
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Ralph Reed

Ralph Reed is chairman and CEO of Century Strategies, a public relations and public affairs firm advising Fortune 500 companies, and chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. He has also worked on seven U.S. presidential campaigns and advised 88 senate, congressional, and gubernatorial campaigns in 24 states. As executive director of the Christian Coalition from 1989 to 1997, Reed was recognized for building one of the nationÕs most effective grassroots organizations by Newsweek, Life, and Time magazines. He and his wife have four children and live in Duluth, Georgia.

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