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Breaking the Cage of Culture

Breaking the Cage of Culture

How to Walk in the Kingdom's Mindset to Fulfill Your Destiny

Narelle Albury
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God invites you to join Him on a life-long journey. As He said to Abraham, He now says to you, “Just go, and I will be with you. It’s to your advantage that you join Me on this journey” (Genesis 12:1 AMP).
Breaking the Cage of Culture is a personal testimony of two people facing—and conquering—mighty challenges when transitioning through a culture change. Their experiences reveal firsthand how damaging culture can be personally—and for a congregation—when God is trying to transition people for change.
Just as Abraham had to experience the journey, with all its uncertainties and pressures, to become the “Father of Faith” and the “Friend of God,” your own personal journey, no matter how strenuous, is equipping you for your next step in the journey of life God intended you to live and love.


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Book contents

Introduction The Comforts of Culture (Is Your Culture Killing You?)
Chapter 1 Culture Shock
Chapter 2 The Iceberg
Chapter 3 The Faulty Foundations
Chapter 4 Our Pets
Chapter 5 A Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Chapter 6 The Dark Days
Chapter 7 The Dream
Chapter 8 A Narrow View
Chapter 9 Religious Culture
Chapter 10 The Great Divide
Chapter 11 Change of Address
Chapter 12 Pushed Out
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A number of years ago, I met Narelle and her husband David when I came to speak at a women’s conference in their church. Having just been appointed as the new pastors in a church, which had a history, especially where pastors were concerned, Narelle and David were eager—full of excitement for what their future held and filled with a love for the people that only God could put within them.
To this day, I remember receiving the phone call they made when every dream came crashing down around them; a thing called “culture” had hit them. It is totally opposite of Kingdom because culture, which we find in every tribe, nation, or people group, is man-made and always has within it aspects of man-made agendas.
I watched as this couple grieved, and I remember the Sunday I gave a prophetic word to them to “write a book!” I was shocked as Narelle sat down at her computer to write the book and downloaded revelation upon revelation of what culture is and how it affects communities and individuals in record time!
This book is a must read, not only for pastors and leaders, but for every Christian; it will give you knowledge and wisdom on why people act the way they do and the results of those actions. It is such a necessary read; I believe that every pastor before heading off to start a church, go on the mission field, or travel into another nation should take this book tucked into his or her luggage, and read it often.
This book is not written out of head knowledge, but out of heart knowledge; it is written from “lived” experience, from hurt, pain, and forgiveness.
My advice to every reader is to read this book—and then read it again and allow the Spirit of God to minister to you as He breaks the bondage of man-made culture off you, as He breaks the chains that you have felt imprisoned by and sets you free in your mind and life. Suddenly, you will have answers to long-asked questions.
May each reader be blessed, knowing this book wasn’t written in ink but in blood, sweat, tears, and much prayer!
Amanda Wells
Pastor, Author, Speaker
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