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Divine Moments for Men

Divine Moments for Men

Everyday Inspiration from God's Word

Amy E. Mason , Ronald A. Beers
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Divine Moments books are designed to help you experience a daily breakthrough with God. Inside each handy book you'll find life application topics such as acceptance, brokenness, calling, comfort, crisis, decisions, doubt, endurance, giving, healing, hurts, loss, love, miracles, mistakes, planning, purpose, risk, romance, stress, temptation, tragedy, and wisdom. Under each topic you'll find a question that we all ask at one time or another about how we relate to God and how our faith relates to everyday life. When we bring our deepest questions to God, we can find answers. Discover today how God's Word provides answers to our deepest questions about life and answers hundreds of the greatest questions of all time.


ISBN: 9781496415141
Tyndale House Publishers
Binding: eBook
File size: 1.3MB
Release Date: 19.01.2016
Language: English

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