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Holli Conger (Illustrator)
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A few little words can tell a big story about Easter!

From palm branches to an empty tomb—Easter is the biggest story of all. Now toddlers can learn all about it in just 12 child-friendly words. 

In the Little Words Matter™ board books, it only takes a few words to tell a big story. Crafted especially for toddlers, these books make biblical truths easily understandable and enjoyable for little ones and their parents too!


ISBN: 9781433644641
B&H Publishing
EAN: 9781433644641
Depth: 13 mm
Weight: 0.454kg
Binding: eBook
File size: 7.8MB
Number of pages: 24
Release Date: 01.02.2017
Language: English
Holli Conger

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