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Extreme Prayer

Extreme Prayer

The Impossible Prayers God Promises to Answer

Greg Pruett , Max Lucado (Foreword)
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What do you do when your whole spiritual life falls apart? It is in these heart-hungry moments—when we feel overwhelmed or alone, struggle with unanswered prayers, aren’t sure what to do, or are crying out for God’s help—that we are surprisingly poised to pray the most effective kinds of prayers possible. Extreme Prayer taps into that longing for connection with God when we need it most by teaching us to pray the kinds of prayers Jesus promised to answer with unlimited power. It’s not about how to pray more . . . it’s about praying differently, and intentionally tapping into all of Jesus’s open-ended promises in a way that achieves maximum Kingdom impact. In Extreme Prayer, Greg Pruett searches the Scriptures to discover the kinds of prayers that God has promised to answer, challenging you to access their power and see His immeasurable glory unleashed in your prayer life.


ISBN: 9781414390666
Tyndale House Publishers
Binding: eBook
File size: 3.2MB
Release Date: 01.03.2014
Language: English
Max Lucado

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