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God's Call to Intimacy

God's Call to Intimacy

Embracing Truth and Getting Close to Him

Azuka Okah
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God has called His children to intimacy with Him.
When Christians don’t have an intimate relationship with their loving, heavenly Father, they can easily become mixed up with psychics, false prophecies, hoaxes, horoscopes, and cults.
But what does God say about these things? How can you hear clearly from the Father? How can you be sure He is the one speaking to you in the middle of the night, while driving your car, when praying? Indeed, how can you be assured, and how can you develop an intimacy deep enough that you will recognize His voice immediately.
God’s Call to Intimacy contains messages straight from the Father’s heart, insights from personal experiences and from the Bible that help you discern the spiritual world―giving you peace about your present and future. Truths are revealed about why you were created, how the world became so perverted, and who has absolute power over every issue in your life.
Understanding God’s cry for your soul will illuminate your spirit as you open yourself to God’s truth, love, and mercy. Light up your life with Christ, today!


ISBN: 9788897896241
File size: 190.4KB
Number of pages: 176
Language: English

Book contents

Chapter One Be on the Alert!
Chapter Two Spiritual Gifts
Chapter Three False Prophets and Prophecies
Chapter Four Desire for the Father
Chapter Five A Special Gift, the Holy Spirit
Chapter Six Our Walk with the Father
Chapter Seven Longing for a Love Affair
Chapter Eight Our Intimate Relationship
Chapter Nine The Effects of Sin
Chapter Ten The Heart and Mind of God
Chapter Eleven Trusting God’s Plans
Chapter Twelve Recognizing and Eradicating Evil’s Essence
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