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Leading from the Lions' Den

Leading from the Lions' Den

Tom Harper
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While most new leadership books proudly promote themselves as the antidote to previous thinking, Leading from the Lions' Den takes pride in drawing its wisdom from ideas that have been available for a very long time in the unchanging Word of God. Here, author Tom R. Harper expounds upon one surprising principle from each of the Bible's sixty-six books. Each concept goes toward explaining human nature, which, when understood, is the foundation of business success.

Among the lessons that will work for leaders regardless of culture, time, or place are: "Lead, Inspire and Motivate with Plain Facts" (Deuteronomy), "Defrag Your Organization by Discovering its Weak Forces" (1 Chronicles), "Fight Superior Force with Superior Character" (Nahum), "Purify Your PR by Avoiding the Spotlight" (Mark), "Help the Competition" (Romans), "Soak Your Shield Before Battle" (Ephesians), and "Obliterate Fear with a Single Weapon" (1 John).


ISBN: 9781433672859
B&H Publishing
EAN: 9781433672859
140 x 216 x 13 mm
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Release Date: 01.09.2010
Language: English

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