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Manners Made Easy for the Family

Manners Made Easy for the Family

365 Timeless Etiquette Tips for Every Occasion

June Hines Moore
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Christian etiquette expert June Hines Moore will improve the quality of life in homes everywhere with Manners Made Easy for the Family. This quintessential page-per-day guide to good manners presents 365 rules–just one or two sentences each–followed by a family application or practice point and example or instruction from the Bible. Parents and children can read and discuss each manner at breakfast or dinner for an entire year, learning about everything from table manners and telephone etiquette to proper church behavior and online “netiquette.” There’s even a helpful index for quick reference and for whenever questions about specific situations arise.


ISBN: 9780805463989
B&H Publishing
EAN: 9780805463989
Binding: eBook
File size: 6.3MB
Number of pages: 400
Release Date: 01.10.2010
Language: English
June Hines Moore

June Hines Moore has been writing, speaking, and teaching on good manners (or the lack of them) for more than twenty years. Her books include Manners Made Easy, Manners Made Easy for Teens, and Manners Made Easy for the Family. She and her husband, Homer, live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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