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Pathways To Destiny

Pathways To Destiny

Understanding Your Journey Toward True Purpose in Life

Sheena Ryan
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Are your dreams still waiting to be fulfilled? God has set pathways before you especially designed to lead you into your destiny. You may have wondered why you seem to walk round and round in circles, never quite entering into God s promises for your life. Pathways to Destiny shines light upon the pathways that everyone needs to successfully negotiate, so that their destiny will become a present experience instead of a distant hope. This may well be the most important book you read this year! For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10)


ISBN: 9788868800352
File size: 1.5MB
Number of pages: 176
Language: English

Book contents

Chapter One    The Pathway of Intimacy With God
Chapter Two    The Pathway of Personal Wholeness
Chapter Three  The Pathway of Spiritual Warfare—Killing the Giants
Chapter Four   The Pathway of Destiny—Gifts and Passions
Chapter Five    The Pathway of Kingdom Relationships
Chapter Six      The Pathway of Kingdom Living


In a world that has the best communication technology, with the highest standards of education, and the prosperity to allow unlimited choices many still struggle with confusion and lack of confidence in their future. Today’s generation is exposed to so many voices demanding attention but few trustworthy mentors who could give wise safe support to the wonderful gift of free will.
Freedom is a powerful gift but a destructive master as it can lead you down many wrong paths. All roads lead to Rome, but not all roads lead to the true God. Through Jesus Christ, we have the assurance that we are being led to the one true God.
Pathways to Destiny provides you with the foundations to focus your choices toward the correct pathways in life—natural, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social. The book is not written to draw you away to yet another revelation but to place your feet firmly upon a pathway that is proven solid and fruitful for your life.
A book written by someone with a prophetic ministry can arouse the most extreme responses from believers because of what they have been exposed to either through teaching or experience. Pathways to Destiny provides a basis of understanding that allows the Holy Spirit to be the Lord of your liberty.
The Word tells us that there are many teachers but not many fathers or mentors. Sheena Ryan, the author of this book, is such a mentor. Her passion is to impart the freedom of the Holy Spirit to whoever walks the path with Jesus, and Sheena has placed this pathway down in this book. Reading it is like walking with a mentor along the path of intimacy, personal wholeness, spiritual warfare, destiny, kingdom relationships, and kingdom living.
The fruit both natural and spiritual that follows her life inspires all who know her. This book is capable of mentoring you from a distance, from a true prophet of our time who is passionate about everyone’s journey with the Holy Spirit along the pathway that increasingly reveals Jesus in all areas of life and relationship with God.
This book is a must for any Christian who is serious about the place of the Holy Spirit in all areas of their life.
Chas Gullo
Senior pastor, Suncoast Christian Church,
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Chairman, Christian Outreach Centre,
Queensland, Australia
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