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The Crown of Fire

William Chad Newsom
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Polycarp anxiously waited until the sound of marching footsteps faded away. The Praetorian guard were on the move - ready to pounce on Christians or any other 'revolutionaries' that they might find. Papias is ready with his sword but Polycarp has another course in mind.

These are the days when the catacombs are the dark shadowy refuges of the Christians and the amphitheatre is the sound of death to the believer. Polycarp though is one of the church leaders called on to give his life for Christ and his Kingdom... and this is something he counts as an honour.

To gain the Crown of Fire he must be willing to suffer for Christ. But will his courage hold? Will he give in to the struggle?

Accompany Polycarp and his companions as they face up to the Roman enemy and yet still pass on the legacy of truth. The golden chain around Polycarp's neck is a link to the past in more ways than one ... the truth with it will be passed on to future generations. To people like you.

Included in the book are a time line and further facts about the early church.


ISBN: 9781781910535
Christian Focus Publications
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Language: English
Format: eBook

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