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Prairie Homestead

Prairie Homestead

Arleta Richardson
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Since their mama died and their pa left, Ethan, Alice, Simon, and Will Cooper have not known much of a home. But now that the orphan train has taken them to Mr. and Mrs. Rush in Nebraska, their dreams of home may become a reality.

The kids discover that life on a farm is full of challenges. Ethan learns how to drive a plow, watch for snakes, and deal with bullies at the country school. Alice learns to slop the hogs and live with a big sister who isn’t exactly welcoming. Will seems to be the only one of the four that their new mother likes. And Simon disappears—again.

The third book in the Beyond the Orphan Train series, Prairie Homestead is an adventure in new beginnings and lasting faith.


ISBN: 9781434710116
David C Cook
EAN: 9781434710116
Binding: eBook
File size: 2.3MB
Number of pages: 192
Release Date: 01.02.2016
Language: English
Arleta Richardson

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