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Sean Donovan

Sean Donovan

Lori Wick
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Lori Wick's bestselling series The Californians (more than 500,000 copies sold) has a fresh new cover design to delight avid Lori Wick fans and readers just introduced to Lori's beloved fiction.

Caught in his first bank robbery, Sean Donovan is sentenced to hang. But Charlotte Cooper, who needs a blacksmith for her livery, has other ideas. By law, a woman of good standing in the community can save a man from the gallows by marrying him. Humbled by the dramatic rescue and renewed in his faith, Sean's heart goes out to his new bride, a woman whose past has prompted her to guard her heart. Yet could the talk around town be true? Is the fiercely independent Charlotte falling for Sean Donovan?


ISBN: 9780736931823
Harvest House Publishers
EAN: 9780736931823
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Release Date: 01.03.2007
Language: English
Lori Wick

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