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Shepherd's Notes: Luke

Shepherd's Notes: Luke

Dana Gould
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You grew up using the well known black and yellow striped Cliff's Notes to help you grasp everything from great literary works to algebra. Unfortunately, what "Cliff" forgot was the greatest literary work in history: the complete Holy Bible. Enjoy the ease of understanding the Bible like never before, book by book. Shepherd's notes helps reader's learn about the inspired authors of the Bible books and when and where they were first penned. Each Bible book is revealed in simple understandable steps that outline and underscore the focal points and personalities of the biblical text. You'll look to these unique books for their use in Bible studies, teaching, personal devotions and even in sermon preparation! Christian and home schools will find Shepherd's Notes an invaluable resource.


ISBN: 9781433672231
B&H Publishing
EAN: 9781433672231
Dimensions: 127 x 203 mm
Binding: eBook
File size: 948.9KB
Number of pages: 100
Release Date: 01.12.1997
Language: English
Dana Gould

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