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Sneezing Jesus

Sneezing Jesus

How God Redeems Our Humanity

Brian Hardin
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One sneeze can spread a virus far and wide. It’s also a very human thing to do. This is how the gospel spread from a remote fishing village to encompass the globe—through the stories about Jesus. It was passed on from person to person, multiplying and infecting the earth.

Jesus asked, “Who do you say that I am?” This question has reverberated throughout history, for all who believe must answer it.

Using firsthand knowledge of the land in which Jesus walked, deep knowledge of the Gospels, and the voice of a storyteller, Brian Hardin seeks to answer this question. He puts contextual flesh and bones to the Gospel narratives and tells “the story behind the stories” we think we know.

Sneezing Jesus focuses on the way Jesus demonstrates how the human and the divine can occupy the same place at the same time. The reader is invited to know Jesus for who He was and is—the Human God.


ISBN: 9781631467431
Tyndale House Publishers
Binding: eBook
Release Date: 11.07.2017
Language: English
Brian Hardin
ReframeeBook:  £11.66
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