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The Fire King

The Fire King

A Compelling Adventure Mystery in the Fourth Dimension

Lisa La Grange
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The strange city is eerily deserted as Luke, James, and Zoë brace against the frigid night air. Thrust into a visit with a misanthropic uncle, then plunged into a chilling encounter with him, the young siblings despair for the familiarity of their distant village. 
Trudging through desolate streets to catch a train home, and unaware that they have entered another dimension, the youngsters accept the help of a homeless man with whom nothing is as it seems. 
With each surreal step, new adventures in an unseen realm defy their wildest imaginations—and alter their lives and destinies for all eternity.


ISBN: 9788897896715
File size: 323.4KB
Number of pages: 288
Language: English

Book contents

Chapter 1—The Holiday
Chapter 2—The City
Chapter 3—The Slum
Chapter 4—The Book
Chapter 5—The Private Room
Chapter 6—The Darkness
Chapter 7—The Homeless Man
Chapter 8—The Fairground
Chapter 9—The River
Chapter 10—The Forest
Chapter 11—The Sound
Chapter 12—The Rock
Chapter 13—The Golden Realm
Chapter 14—The Ox
Chapter 15—The Desolation
Chapter 16—The Lion
Chapter 17—The Blood
Chapter 18—The Choice
Chapter 19—The Deception
Chapter 20—The Temptation
Chapter 21—The Friend
Chapter 22—The Summit
Chapter 23—The Eagle
Chapter 24—The Arrival
Chapter 25—The Palace
Chapter 26—The Name
Chapter 27—The Cloud
Chapter 28—The Military Base
Chapter 29—The Soldiers
Chapter 30—The Words
Chapter 31—The Fire King
Chapter 32—The Whisper
Chapter 33—The Call
Chapter 34—The Party
Chapter 35—The Bride
Chapter 36—The Return
Chapter 37—The Promise
Chapter 38—The Wave
Chapter 39—The Present
Chapter 40—The Prisoner
Chapter 41—The Village
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