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The Goodnight Book

The Goodnight Book

Richard Bewes
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The Goodnight Book is intended for... well, pretty well anybody of whatever philosophical or cultural background. Millions would concur with the author's experience at some point in their lives. The action-packed day that makes 'winding down' difficult, the fear of what 'tomorrow' may bring; pressures on the marriage, in the workplace or family; decisions looming ahead, the heaviness of grief - or the sheer trauma of moving house!

It's said by psychologists that the last thing we think about at night tends to stay with us, and become a part of the subconscious, thus affecting our mental and emotional make-up. So here it is one page at a time - one page of truth per evening!


ISBN: 9781845506704
Christian Focus Publications
File size: 308.5KB
Language: English
Format: eBook
Richard Bewes

Richard Bewes is former Rector of All Souls Church, London, where he developed a global internet congregation. A preacher, pastor, broadcaster, hymn-writer, and Christian communicator, he has preached on five continents and written more than twenty books. He is also known for hosting the television programs Open Home: Open Bible and Book by Book. He was awarded on Order of the British Empire by the Queen for his service to the Church of England.

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