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Truth Considered and Applied

Truth Considered and Applied

Examining Postmodernism, History, and Christian Faith

Stewart E. Kelly
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For philosophy and theology students, Truth Considered and Applied examines the leading theories of truth in relation to postmodernism, history, and the Christian faith. Author Stewart E. Kelly defends Christianity in the face of postmodernist challenges that would label such religious faith as merely one version of truth among many in a pluralistic world. Likewise, in looking at Christianity as a historical faith, Kelly supports the need for Christians to develop a hermeneutic that does justice to the biblical texts and our informed understanding of the past in general; because if a genuine past cannot be recovered in some meaningful sense, the claims of Jesus being incarnate and risen from the dead are seriously jeopardized.


ISBN: 9781433673634
B&H Publishing
EAN: 9781433673634
Binding: eBook
File size: 2.3MB
Number of pages: 384
Release Date: 05.07.2011
Language: English

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