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When Your Family's Lost a Loved One

When Your Family's Lost a Loved One

Finding Hope Together

David Guthrie , Guthrie, Nancy
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All families eventually face the loss of a loved one. When it happens, it can place great strain on a marriage, as well as on other relationships. That's partly because we don't know what to do with our feelings and partly because every family member grieves in his or her own way. In this book, Nancy and David Guthrie explore the family dynamics involved when a loved one dies—and debunk some myths about family grief. Through their own experiences of losing two young children and interviews with those who've faced losing spouses and parents, they show how grief can actually pull a family closer together rather than tearing it apart.


ISBN: 9781604829686
Tyndale House Publishers
Binding: eBook
File size: 1.8MB
Release Date: 25.01.2013
Language: English
Guthrie, Nancy

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