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Worship Through the Ages

Worship Through the Ages

Vernon M. Whaley
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Through the Ages provides a practical, historical and philosophical study of the Great Spiritual Awakenings as related to the worship of evangelicals around the globe. This is a fascinating story that reveals a unifying, unbroken thread of events whereby one can trace the development of worship practices through the ages. With each move of God came a change in the way people worshiped. New paradigms were created, debated, accepted and passed on to the next generation. Narrative for this study is energized by telling "the story" of engaging personalities, influencers and movers and shakers. Emphasis is given to changes in worship practices from the Early Church, Reformation, the Great Awakenings, revival movements, large evangelistic crusades of the 1940s and 1950s, Jesus Movement, and the Praise and Worship movement. A chart tracing the development of worship from Genesis 4 to the twenty-first century is included.


ISBN: 9781433673719
B&H Publishing
EAN: 9781433673719
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Release Date: 15.09.2012
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Vernon M. Whaley

Vernon M. Whaley is director of the Center for Worship and chairman of the department of Music and Worship Studies at Liberty University. He is also president of Integra Music Group and author of such books as Understanding Music and Worship in the Local Church and Called to Worship.


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