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Your Life...Well Spent

Your Life...Well Spent

The Eternal Rewards of Investing Yourself and Your Money in Your Family

Russ Crosson , Ron Blue (Foreword)
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When most Christians think about money, they think about what money can do for them now, here in this life.

But attitudes about money have an eternal aspect—and author Russ Crosson, CEO of Ronald Blue & Co. and a highly respected investment advisor—offers readers a look how to manage money with eternity in view. They'll learn the difference between prosperity—the accumulation of goods on this earth, and posterity—the heritage left to the generations that follow.

Readers will discover a new way of thinking about money, about their life's work—and about how to get a higher return on life itself.

Included are:

  • A new understanding of work
  • Training up a child
  • Adding posterity time to busy schedules
  • Four major financial decisions that affect eternity
  • Pros and cons of buying versus renting a home

"Without the information in this book, your budget may be balanced, but unwise—your bookkeeping may be timely, but reflect only temporal values. This is the book to read first, before any others, for the renewing of your financial mind."
Bruce Wilkinson, author of The Prayer of Jabez


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Harvest House Publishers
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Release Date: 01.02.2012
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