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Grace Emerald Udokang

Pastor Grace is a true daughter of Zion. She is uncompromising in her pursuit of God’s truth and purpose handed to her as a vision. Pastor Grace is the senior pastor and set person of the Green Pastures Christian Centre, a church-based ministry dedicated to the building of capacity of believers for the edifying of the Body of Christ in preparation for the return of the Messiah. She is a teacher of the Word with great prophetic grace. She is the CEO of Green Pastures Crèche and executive producer of the television talk show Green Pastures. She has ministered across many nations in Africa with the mandate to wake up the Church in Africa to its responsibility to the nations of the earth before Christ returns. She is married to Engr. Kufre Udokang, a mechanical engineer and partner in Christ. In addition to her four children—Ann, Truth, Andrew, and Divine—she has taken under her care many children who would otherwise have been destitute. She is also an unofficial mum to two sons—Darlyn-Moore and Stephen. She has a degree in linguistics.

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