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Obii Pax-Harry Obii Pax-Harry

Obii Pax-Harry is a dynamic leader of several prayer, prophetic, and apostolic initiatives in the United Kingdom and other nations. She was used to birth the International Prayer Ministry, Women Arise, with several prayer chapters around the world. Obii also pioneered the Strategic Prayer School (now House of Prayer) Birmingham and Redditch in Partnership with Prayer for the Nations, London. These initiatives have been released into capable hands of prophetic intercessors trained under Obii’s mentorship. Obii has a heart for Christian media, having hosted her own daily radio broadcast “Women Arise” on aired by Sky TV Network in 2000. She has also been invited as a guest on several radio and television programs in the United Kingdom. She is an executive member of the Christian Broadcasting Council of Great Britain (CBC), and a columnist for the CBC Magazine, The New Voice. Obii is an ordained minister, currently serving as pastor of the Resurrection Life Assembly in Birmingham, England, with an apostolic team. She is a sought-after international and national conference speaker who ministers with passion with signs and wonders following. Obii Pax-Harry completed the Solicitors Finals Course in the United Kingdom, but gave up her promising career in law to pursue her dream of raising a family. In 2003, after a revelation from the Lord based on Daniel 7:25, Obii returned to law school to study for a Master of Laws at the University of Birmingham. Obii believes the body of Christ is undergoing a divine shift that is repositioning the physical, mental, and spiritual gifts of believers for the glory of the Kingdom. She is married and has three children.

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