Apple iPad help

Login screen on Apple iPhone version of CLC eBook reader app

Logging in

To access the CLC eReader you need to log in, if you already have an account.  If not, you may create an account directly in the app.


The Library

The library is accessed by clicking the first icon on the bottom of the screen.  This will show all the titles you have available.  To synchronise with eBooks recently purchased, pull down from the 'Library' to refresh.

The library on Apple iPad

Pressing a particular title will enable you to open the eBook. The first time you enter an eBook it will download from our servers which may take a few moments. After that, the eBook can be accessed and read in the app even if you are offline.


eBook Main Menu and Reading options

The pages of the book are turned by touching the right hand side of the screen, or by swiping right to left. To turn back, the opposite actions are used.

Reading on the iPad in landscape mode

While reading a book, if the centre of the screen is touched the top menu appears:

Reading options bar on iPhone

Explanation of icons from the book reading view:

iOS Table of Contents icon This is the index icon which enables you to access any chapter directly
iOS Settings icon The settings icon enables you to change the brightness, font size, font type, or background
iOS Sharing icon Sections of text may be highlighted by pressing the screen (for longer than a ‘touch’), and then extended by dragging the circles to cover more text.  Note: a maximum of 140 characters can be shared. With the text highlighted, you can share the selected text and the book title via text, email or Facebook.
iOS Library icon To return to the library screen select this icon
Reading options

Changing reading settings

By tapping on the 'Settings' icon from the top of the reading view, you can change your reading options, such as brightness, font size, font or colour.

Shop Finder View

By selecting the ‘Shops’ option on the bottom of the Library screen, you will be presented with a list of all CLC bookshops around the world, starting with the nearest to your current location.  The distance to each shop is given under the city name. By selecting a particular shop, you will be given contact details, the map location, etc.

Shop finder

Below the map you may select ‘Directions’ which will direct you from your current location to that shop.  Please Note: This facility will take you out of the eReader App.

See the shop on the map in the shop-finder and get directions


Log out screen

App Settings Screen

To Log out from the app, select the 'Settings' icon on the main Library screen and select Log out. This will return you to the Log In screen, which will remember your Username.