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Be One, Be Beautiful!

Be One, Be Beautiful!

A Call to Unity

Mike J. Parnham
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The Church is in the world to reflect the glory of God as Jesus Christ did. United in love she is part of God’s message, not simply the messenger.”
Written by a scientist, the book is aimed at thinking Christians who are willing to strengthen the unity of the Church in practical ways in their workplace, school, or neighborhood.
We are united through faith in the redeeming work of Christ, and the shared outworking of this faith in our everyday life is a challenge to every believing Christian.


ISBN: 9788897896555
File size: 223.3KB
Number of pages: 176
Language: English

Book contents

Chapter 1 The Great Omission: An Appeal for Unity
Chapter 2 The Anointing Oil
Chapter 3 The Refreshing Dew
Chapter 4 Unity in Diversity
Chapter 5 The Adhesive Power of Love
Chapter 6 Lifting the Veil
Chapter 7 Restoring Unity
Chapter 8 The Taste of New Wine
Chapter 9 The Light of the World”
Chapter 10 Reaching the City
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