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Finding Hope and Grace in the Midst of Ministry Failure

J.R. Briggs , Eugene H. Peterson (Foreword)
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2014 Best Books About the Church from Byron Borger, Hearts and Minds Bookstore "I thought God had called me to plant this church. Why did we have to shut our doors after only three years?" "I was at my breaking point. Then I got the news that our nine-year-old daughter had leukemia. I would have quit ministry forever, but I had no other employable skills." "False accusations were made against me and my family, wrecking our reputation permanently and forcing us to leave not only the church, but move out of the area." "I've served my church for the past 27 years and I've grown that church from 150 to 24 people." What do we do when we've failed? Some ministries are shipwrecked by moral failures like affairs or embezzlement. But for most of us, the sense of failure is more ordinary: disillusionment, inadequacy, declining budgets, poor decisions, opposition, depression, burnout. Many pastors are deeply broken and wounded, and we come to doubt that God has any use for us. J.R. Briggs, founder of the Epic Fail Pastors Conference, knows what failure feels like. He has listened to pastors who were busted in a prostitution sting or found themselves homeless when ejected from ministry. With candid vulnerability, Briggs explores the landscape of failure, how it devastates us and how it transforms us. Without offering pat answers or quick fixes, he challenges our cultural expectations of success and gives us permission to grieve our losses. Somehow, in the midst of our pain, we are better positioned to receive the grace of healing and restoration.


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Book contents

Foreward by Eugene Peterson Introduction: The F-Word 1. Failure: The Trigger of Our Biggest Fears 2. Success: The Golden Calf of the American Church 3. Faithfulness: Redefining the Metric of Ministry 4. Shame: The Swampland of the Soul 5. Loneliness: The Temptation to Wear Our Masks 6. Wounds: Shattered Dreams, Grief and Mourning 7. Wilderness: Stumbling with Jesus in the Wasteland 8. Recovery: The Excruciating Process of Letting Go with Steve Burrell 9. Reentry: Learning to Reenter the Atmosphere with Steve Burrell 10. Acceptance: A Kiss from God on Our Bruises 11. Rhythms: Restorative Practices for the Way Forward Epilogue: A Different F-Word: The Beautiful Mess of Freedom Acknowledgments Reflection Questions Appendix 1: Recommended Resources Appendix 2: Guiding Questions for Pastors and Leaders Notes Bibliography
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