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Movements That Change the World

Movements That Change the World

Five Keys to Spreading the Gospel

Steve Addison , Alan Hirsch (Foreword) , Bob Roberts Jr. (Foreword)
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When Jesus commissioned his followers, he was not just inaugurating the historical church, he was founding a missionary movement.Originally released by Missional Press and now revised and expanded to include a multi-session discussion guide, Steve Addison's draws from biblical, historical and contemporary case studies to isolate the essential elements of a dynamic missionary movement. The church fulfills its mission today to the extent that it honors these essential elements, modelled perfectly in Jesus’ missionary enterprise: Throughout the ages Jesus' followers have been called to continue his movement in the power of the Holy Spirit. Like many such movements, it changed the world. Unlike most movements, which have their historical moment and then fade away, Christianity is actively, continually changing the world for the better.


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Book contents

Forewords by Alan Hirsch and Bob Roberts Jr. Acknowledgements Patrick Introduction: Why Movements Matter 1 White-Hot Faith 2 Commitment to a Cause 3 Contagious Relationships 4 Rapid Mobilization 5 Adaptive Methods Conclusion: The Future Is Already Here Study Guide Appendix 1: Gospel Presentations Appendix 2: Discovery Bible Study Recommended Reading on Movements Notes

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