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God Wants to Bless You

God Wants to Bless You

Discover God's Personal Daily Care for You

Ann Goodfellow
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Every day of your life is lived under God's richest blessings. He brought you into the world He created you and is with you always. God wants to enrich your life by showering you with blessings that fall like gentle rain. Author Ann Goodfellow has been counting her blessings for as long as she can remember, and shares how rich, wide, deep, and wonderful God's blessings are for you, too. This daily devotional is full of ways that you can: Feel God's presence - Recognize His voice - Develop an intimate relationship with Jesus - Appreciate all that God has given you - Receive even more blessings


ISBN: 9788897896463
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Number of pages: 216
Language: English

Book contents

How to Use This Study
The Lord’s Prayer
Week 1 True Happiness
Week 2 Faith
Week 3 Love
Week 4 God’s Requirements
Week 5 Trust
Week 6 Hope
Week 7 Forgiveness
Week 8 Obedience
Week 9 Devotion
Week 10 Abundance and Generosity
Week 11 Spiritual Growth
Week 12 Sharing
Week 13 God’s Presence
Week 14 God’s Plans
Week 15 God’s Grace
Week 16 God’s Mercy
Week 17 Memories
Week 18 Prayer
Week 19 God’s Promises
Week 20 Gratitude
Week 21 God’s Provision
Week 22 God’s Will
Week 23 Knowing God
Week 24 Blessed to Be a Blessing
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God wants you to learn of His grace, His love, and His plans and purposes for the blessing of all humankind.
Receive God’s blessing each day as you meet Him in prayer and reflection.
The people of Israel will have nothing more to do with idols; I will answer their prayers and take care of them. Like an evergreen tree I will shelter them; I am the Source of all their blessings (Hosea 14:8).
God: Source of All Blessings!
God says, “I am the Source of all your blessings. I have taken care of you each and every day of your life and have surrounded you with good things. I have poured love into your heart so that you may know your worth to Me. I have given you gifts that have en-hanced your character and enabled you to bring honor to My Name. I have given you work and have stood alongside you to bring that work to fulfillment. I have blessed you with health and prosperity, ensuring that you have all you need. I have been with you when you have faced trials and difficulties, and have rejoiced when you have maintained faith and trust in Me. I am your con-stant companion on the path of life, blessing you at every turn. I rejoice that you are My own and acknowledge Me as your Lord. I am with you always!”
Let Him do so, and rejoice in His blessings—the grace, mercy, and love of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
This book reveals God’s blessings of:
• True happiness and faith
• Love and devotion
• God’s promises and provision
• Prayer and God’s will
• Memories and knowing God
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Ann Goodfellow

Ann Goodfellow has been writing a prayer and devotional guide for nearly 30 years, which is distributed to a wide community. She has been involved in many aspects of prayer, including teaching, intercession, and healing prayer. She lives in a retirement village in Gauteng, South Africa. She is widowed and has two children and five grandchildren.

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