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God's Promises

God's Promises

The Lengths God Will Go to Keep His Promises

Ann Goodfellow
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There are multiple promises found in the Bible, and God always fulfills His promises. 

In fact, He will go to extraordinary lengths to do so. Because He loves you so much, He will never stop reaching out to you, and encouraging you to have faith and trust in His promises. 

As you take the risk of depending on God in your times of trial and trouble, He comes near and gives you the assurance of His abiding love and care—and then, He delivers you from that which you are facing.


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Book contents

How to Use This Study
Week 1 God Is Almighty
Week 2 God’s Will Is Absolute
Week 3 God’s Laws
Week 4 The Word of God
Week 5 God Cherishes Our Relationship
Week 6 God’s Covenant with Us
Week 7 God’s Nature Is Truth
Week 8 God Cares for Us
Week 9 God Shares His Love with Us
Week 10 God Works in Us for Our Good
Week 11 God Never Changes
Week 12 God and Us
Week 13 God’s Promises Can Be Trusted
Week 14 God’s Promise of the Holy Spirit
Week 15 God’s Promise to Guide and Help
Week 16 God Promises Not to Leave Us Alone
Week 17 God’s Promise of Eternal Life
Week 18 God Is with Us
Week 19 Bear Witness to Christ
Week 20 Jesus Is All We Need
Week 21 God Makes Himself Known
Week 22 God Responds to Us
Week 23 Jesus Is God’s Promise Fulfilled
Week 24 We Are the Lord’s—Now and Forever
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God’s Word—the Bible—is full of His truths and promises.
As He reveals them to you, take them deep into your heart and believe that He is always true to His Word.
The Lord is faithful to His promises; He is merciful in all His acts. He helps those who are in trouble; He lifts those who have fallen (Psalm 145:13b-14).
I am the Lord, and I speak the truth; I make known what is right (Isaiah 45:19b).
God of Truth and Promises!
God says, “You can never exhaust My truth or My promises. What I say I will do, I fulfill. My truth is what I live by, and I cannot go against Who I Am. If I say, “I love you!” that is truth. If I promise to take care of you and guide you in all of your living, I will do so. I delight in the one who believes implicitly in My truths and promises, and puts his faith and trust in Me. Come, beloved, draw near and let Me reveal who I am to your seeking heart. Let the knowledge of My truths and promises become real to you this day! Come! Seek Me—you will surely find Me.
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Ann Goodfellow

Ann Goodfellow has been writing a prayer and devotional guide for nearly 30 years, which is distributed to a wide community. She has been involved in many aspects of prayer, including teaching, intercession, and healing prayer. She lives in a retirement village in Gauteng, South Africa. She is widowed and has two children and five grandchildren.

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