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Reconcilable Differences

Reconcilable Differences

Two Women Debate God's Roles for Women

Alice Scott-Ferguson , Nancy Parker Brummett
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Alice: "Men and women are completely of equal value. Their biological differences do not detract from that equal status."

Nancy: "Men and women are equally valued by God, but are assigned different roles."

Who do you agree with?

Finally, an open discussion of women's roles between two strong, intelligent Christian women. In a fun and unique way, Reconcilable Differences presents honest answers to the perplexing questions all women ask, such as, "What does submission mean?" "What's a woman's role inside the church?" and "Can a Christian be a feminist?"

By revealing to one another the fallacies in gender stereotypes, authors Nancy and Alice show that it is possible to live, love, and be at liberty to disagree without breaking the bond of unity in the body of our Lord Jesus Christ.


ISBN: 9780781411103
David C Cook
EAN: 9780781411103
Binding: eBook
File size: 2.3MB
Number of pages: 253
Release Date: 15.06.2013
Language: English
Nancy Parker Brummett

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