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The Journey of Elisa

The Journey of Elisa

From Switzerland to America

Nancy Parker Brummett
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How will Elisa's family go on without her beloved father?

As Swiss Consul to Brazil, Edouard Bolli and his family live a life of ease. But when he becomes ill and fears he will not recover, he moves his family from Brazil to Tennessee to be near relatives. The family cannot return to their homeland, Switzerland, because religious persecution is great there. Besides, Switzerland is just as foreign to the Bolli children as America, for they have lived most of their lives in Brazil. In their first year in Tennessee, though, Elisa's family suffers several tragedies and hardships that test their faith in God. How will Elisa's older brother manage the farm after their father dies? Finding her mother's wedding veil would bring her mother hope in her grief. Why can't Elisa find it? And when a neighbor does an ill deed to the family, will Elisa be able to forgive him?

In The Journey of Elisa, Elisa Bolli learns that even when we suffer great loss, our faith and God's love comfort us and give us hope for the future.


ISBN: 9781434707413
David C Cook
EAN: 9781434707413
Binding: eBook
File size: 478.5KB
Number of pages: 132
Release Date: 26.07.2013
Language: English
Nancy Parker Brummett

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