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Waiting for a View

Waiting for a View

A Bloomfield Novel

Debby Mayne
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 Pushing 40, Bloomfield’s garden club vice president Sherry Butler has never moved out of her family home, still works at the same card shop where she landed a job after high school, and so resists change that she never accepted years of marriage proposals from Theo, the only man she ever loved.

Once he moves on, Sherry is pursued by Brad Henderson, an old friend who always seems to be there when she needs a helping hand. His kindness only annoys Sherry until one day she is shocked into self-reflection when a little girl points to her and asks her mother if she’s “the sad woman who will wind up being an old maid.”

With a friend’s encouragement, Sherry plans a turnaround, putting her house on the market and her name on the waiting list for a nice apartment with a view of the lake. She also agrees to go out with Brad, another bold step outside her comfort zone.
Letting go of the past is about as simple as an elephant picking up a pea, but for the first time in her life Sherry will leap into the exhilarating world of the great unknown, a place where faith is crucial and true love is waiting.


ISBN: 9781433678998
B&H Publishing
EAN: 9781433678998
Binding: eBook
File size: 1.6MB
Number of pages: 172
Release Date: 01.07.2012
Language: English

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