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Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer is vice president of Research and Ministry Development at LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, Tennessee. His books include Planting Missional Churches and Breaking the Missional Code.

Planting Missional Churches (eBook) Buy eBook
The Mission of God Study Bible (eBook) Buy eBook
Transformational Groups (eBook) Buy eBook
TransforMissional Coaching (eBook) Buy eBook
Transformational Church (eBook) Buy eBook
Subversive Kingdom (eBook) Buy eBook
Spiritual Warfare and Missions (eBook) Buy eBook
Planting Missional Churches (eBook) Buy eBook
Multi-Site Churches (eBook) Buy eBook
MissionShift (eBook)
MissionShift (eBook)
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Lost and Found (eBook)
Lost and Found (eBook)
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The Mission of Today's Church (eBook) Buy eBook
Comeback Churches (eBook) Buy eBook
Breaking the Missional Code (eBook) Buy eBook
Breaking the Discipleship Code (eBook) Buy eBook
Finish the Mission (eBook) Buy eBook

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